Introduction To Socket Weld Flanges

The socket weld flange is similar to slip-on flanges, nevertheless, the bore is counter-bored. It is typically used on similar sizes of high-pressure pipes. When it comes to its popularity, it is widely used in high pressure systems such as steam lines & hydraulic equipment. The socket weld pipe flanges are connected by inserting the pipe into socket end. After that, applying fillet weld across the hub of the flange.

This kind of flange i.e. Socket Weld flange allows for a smooth bore & better flow of the fluid or gas that must be inside of the pipe.

The additional internal weld is applied in high-stress applications.

Saini Flange Private Limited (one of the leading socket weld flanges manufacturers India) is talking about one of the widely used types of flanges i.e. Blind Socket Weld flange. In this blog, we're giving an outline of where & why the product is used, concentrating on some key features as well. Therefore, we are here to make our readers understand easier about the product. You can make your choice accordingly.

The company is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality ASME/ANSI industrial socket welding flanges, has been delivering myriad flanges around India & worldwide for over two decades. Also, we offer an immediate delivery program for standard size of socket weld flanges.

We export the products to different countries & regions such as North America, Europe, UAE, etc.

At Saini Flange Private Limited, we offer socket weld flanges & high precision CNC component to overseas companies, including water, oil & gas, nuclear power, mining, machining, power, aviation, irrigation, biotech & pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, etc.




Material: Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Chrome Moly Alloy Steel, Nickel, Nickel-Copper Alloy, Aluminum & Titanium Alloys.

Pressure Range: From 150lbs to 2,500lbs

Forming Type: Forged

Flange Face Connections: Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Male Female (MF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ) & Tongue & Groove (T/G)

Flange Coating: Varnish Point, Varnish Oil Coating, Phosphating & Epoxy Coating.

Value Added Services: Customized Flanges & CNC Machining.

Marking & Packaging: The products are packed in order to ensure that there is zero damage during transformation. All flanges are marked with Lot No., Size, Degree & our trademark. When it comes to exporting, it is done in wooden cases.

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